Dumb Ugly is the resurrection of two promising careers, combined into one new, common vision. With production helmed by Morrisville, Pennsylvania producer, Aayu, and vocals by prominent Philadelphia emcee Biz Mighty, the duo weaves an auditory tapestry rich with aggressive cadence, boom bap delivery, and punk rock attitude.

Loud, brash, controversial; Dumb Ugly is a rebuke to the modern, conventional route of musical endeavors. Pulling from two decades worth of musical elements ranging from punk rock, electronic, and the early boom bap hip hop of the 1990s, authenticity is king in the land of Dumb Ugly. A mythical following due in part to a transcendent live show portfolio preceding him, Biz Mighty delivers gut punching lyrical firebombs with a smooth, melodic flow. A heavy buzz has built around the return of Biz, a prominent member of the Philadelphia collective CORFU, to the hallowed studio grounds, as the legendary master of ceremonies for the Marsten House cyphers has gone radio silent in his musical releases for almost a decade. Biz Mighty reached out directly to Aayu, an emcee turned producer who’s eclectic credits include King Magnetic, Sapient, and Gloves Off, after an Instagram video hit his radar. Aayu, a master of an orchestra’s worth of instruments and programs, delivers a machine gun style beat structure, complete with slamming drums, sharp kicks, and synthetic grooves. The collaborative textures and melodic anarchy that ensues is reminiscent of the early, rebellious days of hip hop: vicious, abrasive, and always true to form.

Their first project, Casket, drops on all platforms April 14, 2019.